WorkIT Nashville: The first month

WorkIT Nashville officially launched one month ago, and we thought it would behoove us to update the digital masses on the incredible progress we’ve made!

What you really want to know, of course, is the numbers.

Let’s break it down into three categories: website, jobs and companies, and candidates.


  • Visitors hail from 653 different cities.
  • 230 people have visited the site more than 15 times in the past month (wow!)

Jobs and companies

  • 80 companies have created profiles on WorkIT.
  • 822 jobs have been posted across the entire Middle Tennessee region.


  • 322 candidates have created profiles.
  • Candidates represent 23 different states.

That’s right, just a month in and we are already seeing candidates from almost half of all U.S. states! It’s not just from the South, either. People from California, New York, Illinois and more are using the site to post profiles!

Pretty great, right? We’re already so proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we’re still working hard every day to bring new tech talent to Middle Tennessee!

>> Looking for a job? Create your profile today.
>> Searching for great talent? Post a position!


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