Nashville vs. Atlanta: The cost of living

So far in our Cost of Living series, we’ve discussed cities in the Northwest and the Northeast. Clearly, those regions are expensive in general, but what about other Southern cities? Let’s take into account Atlanta, GA, home of MailChimp, Edge Solutions and more. Surely a city that’s just four hours east can’t possibly be too different from Nashville … right?

The overall cost-of-living index in Nashville is a mere 90 - 10% under the national average - whereas Atlanta sits at 99. Basically, living in ATL is 10% more expensive than living in Nashville.

A lot of the price gaps are fairly small when you compare the two cities. Groceries are 6% more expensive in Atlanta, transportation is 7% more costly and health care will take 8% more out of your paycheck. However, where the differences are bigger, they’re huge. Housing costs, on average, almost 31% more in Atlanta, and utilities almost 13%!

In all, 10% overall may sound small, but consider this: if you’re making $50,000 annually in Nashville, you’ll need to make $5,000 more per year to maintain your current standard of living, and that’s not a negligible pay raise.

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