Interview with Clint Smith

Clint Smith
CEO, Emma

Q: When did you come to Nashville and why?
A: I came to Nashville in 1990 to attend Vanderbilt and wound up accidentally staying for good.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Nashville?
A: The unique neighborhood flavors of 12South, Belmont, The Gulch, East Nashville, Germantown, and other great spots around the city.

Q: What surprised you to learn about Nashville?
A. That our ratio of food trucks to people is now 12:1. It's possible I'm exaggerating, but the proliferation of food trucks in recent years is an awesome thing. I like food, I like trucks, and I like the mashup even better.

Q: What makes Nashville a good place to work in technology?
A. The creative vibe of the city, due in large part to its rich musical heritage. This is a place that both draws creative types to it and really embraces creative ideas when they happen. I think part of Nashville's key to becoming a significant technology hub is its commitment to remaining a really strong creativity hub.

Q: If you have one piece of advice for young workers in the technology field, what is it?
A. Look for the good people at least as much as you're looking for the good ideas. The good people tend to be around a lot longer.

Q: How are you connected to the technology community in Nashville?
A: As the CEO of a growing software company, I'm involved in a never-ending conversation about building great products and finding great people to help.

Q: What is your favorite Nashville technology story?
A: It's probably the one I haven't heard yet. Just when I think I've got a sense of what's happening and which smart people are doing what, a new person walks through the door and blows me away. It happened last Friday and will probably happen two more times this week.


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